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I absolutely love creating personalised artworks, whether the customisation is to compliment a space or if you just have a specific vision of what you're after! 

*I am currently booking commissions for completion in January, 2023 and onwards. Timelines for commission work will adhere to the month mentioned above and will be updated regularly :)

Commissions process - from start to finish!

- Firstly I ask for what size artwork you're after - I am able to paint to whatever size you need. If you aren't exactly sure of what size would work best for your space, I can definitely recommend some suitable options if you provide the measurements of the area!

- With the size determined I can provide you with a quote for the price of this piece. You can also give me your postal code for a quote on shipping at this time as well.

- If you're happy to proceed I will ask for some details and will send you an invoice for a 40% deposit.   

- If you have any ideas of what elements you'd like included in your artwork (such as animals, colours/palettes, other objects e.g rugs, pottery) let me know!


- It is also very  helpful for you to send through any of my past paintings that are similar to what you are hoping for with your own commissioned piece. Tell me what details/elements of those paintings that you like.

- Please allow 1 - 1.5 weeks for me to put together a quick digital sketch of the painting. From here we can collaborate and make edits to the sketch until you are happy with how everything looks.

-Then I get to work! I can send you progress pictures of the painting if you'd like, or you can wait until the artwork is finished for me to send through some images to make sure you're happy with how it turned out! I am able to make small tweaks to the artwork at this stage as well.

- Once the artwork is complete (please refer to timeline provided during discussion of commission for when to expect delivery.) I will send you a second invoice for the remaining 60% and the additional shipping costs. Once payment clears I will send the artwork to you & hopefully I get to see some photos of it up on the wall! 


Interested in a commission/custom artwork? 

get in touch here

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